Every person has a story to create and a desire to be significant. Birch Tree Leadership helps organizations and individuals create their story by providing coaching, training and consulting services. What does it mean to be a Birch Tree Leader?  

Short answer: a strong foundation, continuous growth and the ability to ignite a spark of passion and live with purpose. 

 How you show up in the workplace, and how you energize, empower and develop others is what determines your success.

 As a strategic business partner and positive change agent, I collaborate with individuals at all levels to bring about organizational, team, and personal growth. 

My clients are:
• HR business leaders
• professionals and executives
• emerging industry leaders
• business owners
• nonprofit leaders

Let's connect and chat about how I can help resolve the things that keep you up at night.  



About Shelly

After many years working in various industries, I had the opportunity to start Birch Tree Leadership in 2014 as a way to help leaders, teams and organizations create a culture of service and significance. I've been honored to partner with numerous organizations to deliver successful workshops, strategic summits and leadership development. 


How do I create significance? What do I want my story to be? What do I want to do next with my career/life? Coaching is about helping you come up with the solutions to these and many other questions. Let's talk.


We have numerous workshops that are able to be customized depending on your business needs and competency development goals.  



We offer access to various assessment instruments with interpretation coaching to help you learn more about your personal style and improve effectiveness. Ask us about exploring your style today.