Ever wonder what makes a leader stand out?

Birch Tree Leadership offers coaching, consulting, and customized trainings to develop the strengths that help you stand out:

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When we stop learning, we stop leading.

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Recommit to practices and perspectives that serve your mission.

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Respond to tough situations in a way that cultivates flourishing.



Reach new heights grounded in practical solutions.

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Energize to create and sustain thriving.

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Lead with a power that shines from within.


How do we spark these values in action? 


How do I create significance? What do I want my story to be? What do I want to do next with my career/life? Coaching is about helping you come up with the solutions to these and many other questions. Let's talk.

Resilience at Work

Build a team that feels valued, cared for, listened to, respected, & engaged. Cultivate resilience at work. Promote authenticity, trust, and connection. We partner to deepen leadership competencies for flourishing teams.


Cultivating Value

I offer access to various assessment instruments with interpretation coaching to help you learn more about your personal style and improve effectiveness. Ask about exploring your style today.  

Experiential Workshops 

Leave my training feeling energized and equipped with new skills. I guide customized learning experiences that are rooted in adult learning theory and reflective practices for growth. 


Meeting Design

I work with you to design meetings where all feel valued, listened to, respected, cared for, and engaged. Energize your team towards a shared vision, understood goals, and actionable deliverables.

Upcoming Trainings

Check out my upcoming calendar trainings to enroll in one of my open offerings!