Ever wonder... 


...how to contribute on a team that is innovative, creative, collaborative, playful, and engaged?


...how to navigate waters of change with your team, without throwing anyone overboard?


...how to turn a hard conversation into an enriching connection?

Build a team that feels valued, cared for, listened to, respected, & engaged.


Cultivate resilience at work. Promote authenticity, trust, and connection. We partner to deepen leadership competencies for flourishing teams.

The positive energy from a resilient team radiates through all levels of a brand. The dynamics of a happy and healthy team fosters employee loyalty. When people thrive at work, customers enjoy their experience; brand champions are born. 

I offer a unique strengths-based approach that focuses on what is working well and how to create more of it.

Using SOAR methodology, we will collaborate to create:  

  • Culture audit 
  • 1-1 Team effectiveness interviews 
  • Game plan for employee engagement 
  • Individual and team strengths assessments and team dynamics
  • A dynamic, customized training program to strengthen identified team skills



Strengths-based Assessments and Tools

In my toolbox I am trained to apply assessments that help map the capacities, strengths, and competencies of an individual. With greater clarity, we build on how to leverage what makes you great. 

MBTI: Myers-Briggs Type Inventory
EQI: Emotional Intelligence
VIA: Values in Action
FIRO-B: Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior
DiSC: Dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness
Strengths-Finder 2.0
Lominger/Korn Ferry Leadership Competency Development System

Energize your team around an inspiring vision.

Know your strengths for greater innovation and creativity. 
Allow creativity and engagement to permeate your workplace.

Practice energy leadership.
Empower individuals to care for themselves and each other. 
Better manage your energy.
Build personal resilience.