"As a leadership consultant in healthcare, the goal is to engage all program participants in the learning design, presentation materials and as the facilitator to actively participate.  Having worked and observed many who practice within the profession, we have the opportunity occasionally to work and facilitate with a colleague who is an expert in our craft.  Shelly, working here at Boston Children’s Hospital demonstrated her clear understanding and ability to approach and deliver the learning to all participants. Participants consistently applauded Shelly’s programs and the tools learned to enhance not only their experience but the patient family experience as well.  If I had the opportunity to include Shelly in our training initiatives I would do so.
Mary D. Gegler
Sr. Leadership Consultant
Boston Children’s Hospital

Comments from training evaluations

"Amazing energy by Shelly! By far my best orientation experience."

"Shelly was great! She really kept the room engaged and helped the time fly."

"Your class is amazing and I loved your energy, your positivity, your excitement and every other quality you used to breathe life into your class. It is great to finally have some sort of understanding as to why I am the way I am."