Meet Shelly Masson

Welcome! Please read below to learn more about me and the work we can do together.

I work with individuals, teams and organizations who want to be their most positive, resilient selves. As a strategic business partner and appreciative inquiry coach and practitioner, I work with clients to help cultivate resilience and leadership skills. 

“Who we are is how we lead” Brene Brown  

Who do you want to be as a leader? Let’s explore what that means for you.

I am the Founder and Chief Happiness Officer for Birch Tree Leadership. I contract with other individual contributors as needed to deliver the services you need.

I currently teach at Champlain College in the Positive Organizational Development program and I serve as part of the Faculty of Practice for the David Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry.  I'm honored to offer the work that I do. 

I also have a passion for working in the healthcare industry and focusing on creating a great patient/customer and employee experience.  Over the course of my career, I've trained with both the Disney Institute for Customer Service and the Baptist Leadership Institute for Healthcare so I definitely bring a customer-service lens to my own practice.  

Some of the strengths I bring to the work I do, according to the StrengthsFinder 2.0: "Positivity, Communication, Woo, Developer and Connectedness". Additionally, my top 5 Values in Action (VIA) strengths are: Curiosity, Love, Zest, Fairness and Leadership. 

I live in the Burlington, VT area where I am having a blast living, learning and leading with purpose.  Check out my upcoming trainings to see what's on my schedule!    


The Birch Tree Leadership Approach

You already have the strengths to create the flourishing life and work culture you imagine. It's my job to analyze, assess, and strategize how to leverage your gifts to reach your positive goals.

I thrive in understanding how to improve your organizational culture and build upon your leadership skills. I work with organizations, teams and individuals to create a culture of connection and significance.  Research shows that a culture of trust, personal development and connection has a positive affect on employee/team morale which impacts customer service and the bottom line.  

Together we work to identify your “why” and how best to improve your team and organization. As a strategic business partner and positive change agent, we’ll create an action plan that gets you going in a new direction you may never have considered.


My clients are:

• HR business leaders •
• professionals and executives •
• emerging industry leaders •
• business owners •
• nonprofit leaders •

Why Birch Tree Leadership? 

The Birch Tree is known as a pioneer tree, centered on growth and renewal. Birch trees are often used to help with reforestation and reviving the landscape.  Birch trees are symbolic of stability and adaptability and are known to be excellent fire starters. People used to carry birch bark with them to use as kindling because it would burn even when damp.  These serve as powerful metaphors for Leadership: Establishing a strong foundation that allows for growth and flexibility; continuously reaching for new heights; and ignitng a spark of passion and purpose even in the face of adversity.  Birch Trees stand out in a forest - how do you stand out in your field or organization?  What is your why and the "spark" for what you do?  Let's explore those questions and help you create the life you want.