Ever wonder...

...what it would be like to create a dynamic new employee experience?
...how to increase your retention and productivity while reducing turnover?
...how to easily get your employees up to speed? 

Onboarding & Orientation is about: 

Providing Rooted strong foundation that allows for phenomenal employee growth. 
I partner with you to help identify, develop and facilitate (if needed), the key components of your onboarding and orientation program.
I work with organizations and individuals who want to co-create a dynamic onboarding experience. 

A new employee's onboarding begins at orientation and continues for the first 90 day to a year. 

Uniquely connected to the mission, vision, and values of an organization. 
While bringing the voice of the customer into the room.
Help employees feel pride and belonging as a new addition to the team and that they made the right decision.

What are the systems and processes that continually provide a strong training and onboarding experience for new employees that sustain and renew engagement? 
How are your systems set up to help your employees succeed?

Skills & Clients

I have a passion for setting people up for success. 
I'm highly adaptive at bringing an organization's mission, vision, and values to life.
I help create an experiential program that reflects the narrative of the organization to help employees feel engaged and excited about their work.

Testimonials (Evaluation quotes)